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Satay stick inserter

This machine is capable of producing up to 450 satays per minute and it is possible to extend this capacity. With the interchangeable buffer you are able to produce 7.500 satays on end. It only takes 30 seconds to replace the buffer!

With satay sticks it is common to use wooden sticks and the quality of these sticks is not always a 100% good. This can be a cause for an interference in the production process. With this machine we minimalized these interferences. Thanks to the modular construcion of the machine it is possible, when a malfunction does occur due to a bad stick, to reinitialize the process within 20 seconds!

The satay stick inserter is designed to link with the GEA Multiformer. When desired, we are capable and willing to change it to your specific desires!

satéstok insteker

High capacity

satéstok insteker

Maintenance-free parts

satéstok insteker machine

Easy replaceable buffer

automatisch satéstokjes insteken


Speed 45 strokes per minute
Number of rows 10
Length sticks 60 – 300 millimeter
Diameter sticks Ø2,4 – Ø5,0 millimeter
Mass 200 kilogram
Voltage 230 Volt
IP-Waarde IP65
      Conveyor belt
Type Flush Grid (35% open space)
Discharge heigth Adjustable
Width 400 millimeter
Power 0,18 kW