About Rhino Engineering

Rhino engineering BV is an engineering company where knowledge of practice and theory come together. This enables us to design, build and test your desired product. When designing we use the extensive drawing package SolidWorks. With the integrated simulation package we are also able to perform strength calculations, so that we can provide insight into the strength and stiffness of a product in advance. In addition, we have our own workshop where we can assemble, mount and test your product.

We distinguish ourselves through our extensive knowledge and experience. This knowledge and experience has proven to be broadly applicable and therefore new challenges are no problem for us. We can help you think of and work out a solution to your problem. We have the resources to carry out a project from A to Z. You can also decide up to which stages you want your product to be developed. For example, if you only want us to do the drawing work, that is also possible.